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Our Story

Old School Motorcycle Co. was established in 2013 to fulfill a lifelong dream: To build iconic motorcycles without compromise and to grow a company with unshakable integrity. Classic American motorcycles represent the essence of our rich and storied riding culture. These motorcycles have helped nations through conflict, have defined who we are as a country, and pay homage to the special lifestyle our great nation represents.


There are no shortcuts. We make every bike by hand and not one of us on the OSMC team will compromise a single detail when it comes to the quality of the product. The joy in our work is knowing that every OSMC motorcycle is worthy of its iconic bloodline and will fulfill the OSMC commitment of quality and performance. 

OSMC Time Bandits and Time Travellers are as we envisioned: a unique tribute to tradition and innovation, inside and out. It has been an exciting journey so far and we are ready for the road ahead. 

 We are proud members of the spirited and adventurous community of motorcyclists we serve ⎯ we bring that spirit to building the machines that can take us where we want to go in worry-free style and comfort…. revved and reverent riders all. 

Thank you for your patronage. 

-Simon and Sandra 


If Time Bandits and Time Travellers from OSMC are NOT replicas, NOT reproductions, NOT restorations, NOT custom, NOT “kit bikes”.
Then what are they? 

Our machines are unique re-creations that capture and combine the essence of the most iconic designs of the past with the most innovative technical engineering of the present

In order to accomplish this innovative idea, a redesign was necessary. OSMC has, therefore, respectfully ….but extensively ….. re-engineered the mechanical designs. 

The legendary “pogo stick” suspension was completely redesigned for comfort and stability. We redesigned the oil tank (this was key), the fenders, the floorboard bracket; modernized electronics (no more 6 volts). And many, many more proprietary modifications 

There were extensive modifications to the frames. While OSMC is meticulously faithful to the appearance of the original design it was necessary to reconfigure the frames in order to accommodate larger engines. 

These vintage-style machines are a modern marvel and a technical wonder. Just give a twist to the throttle and you’re off to highway speeds. And speaking of the highway….our newly modernized machines will not leave you stranded on the side of the road waiting for a tow! 


Here’s the lowdown: Replicas are made to look exactly like the originals with the exact dimensions of the old original. Typically, the old tech is also replicated, with its inherent problems because the old tech is temperamental: difficult to start, prone to leaking, too underpowered to meet highway speeds, rickety and uncomfortable to ride…just generally difficult to maintain. Come to OSMC and avoid these problems completely!)  


Old School Motorcycle Company is a boutique manufacturer of premier American motorcycles styled after iconic originals from the ’30s through the ’60s. Our talented team of engineers and craftsmen design and manufacture these modern-day marvels right here in the U.S.A. 

Our machines are the U.S.A. Department of Transportation (DOT) compliant and meet Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) in the U.S.A. and (CMVSS) in Canada. 

Old School Motorcycle Company is a recognized Certified Manufacturer and has been assigned WorldManufacturer Identifier (WMI) Codes authorizing OSMC to issue VIN numbers and sell globally. 

Our machines are issued full 17-digit VINs and are fully TITLED AND REGISTERED as Time Bandits and Time Travellers made by OLD SCHOOL MOTORCYCLE COMPANY. OSMC is listed in the “KELLY BLUE BOOK” and“NADA Appraisal Guides” which makes our machines eligible for easy financing and establishes resale value.